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GTL is a small, private, independent laboratory.

Our lab may be small, but we are independent and beholding to no one except our clients!

Beckman_Pic Spectrometers_Pic
GTL is steadily building up a stock of useful synthetic, analytical and computing equipment, as shown above;
UV and Visible Spectrometers for general optical analysis, dye labeled trace analysis, and specific assays
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy for determining functional groups and chemical identity
A single zone furnace for chemical synthesis and analysis up to 1000 deg C
Small and large glassware for lab scale experiments, troubleshooting, and small scale manufacturing
A good selection of organic and inorganic starting materials and reagents including:
dyes, ion exchange resins, clays, carbon based materials, organic solvents, metal ions, electroless metal deposition
We use wet chemical techniques to get science done on time and on budget