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Selected Publications            

Green Chemistry and Biodiesel

Synthesis and Characterization of Biodiesel.  Scott W. Gordon-Wylie, Sean McCarthy, Omar Reffel.  Manuscript in Preparation.

A Greener Approach for Measuring Colligative Properties.  Gordon-Wylie SW and McCarthy SM. Journal of Chemical Education, 2005, 82: 116.

Oxidation Catalysis

A Potent, High Turnover, Environmentally Benign, Alcohol Oxidation Catalyst System: Fe(k4-bab)/TBHP" McCarthy SM and Gordon-Wylie SW. Manuscript in Preparation

The Activation of Hydrogen Peroxide for Selective, Efficient Wood Pulp Bleaching.  Collins TJ, Hall JA, Vuocolo LD, Fattaleh NL, Suckling I, Horwitz CP, Gordon-Wylie SW, Allison RW, Fullerton TJ, Wright LJ, in Green Chemistry: Challenging Perspectives Tundo, P. ed., Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2000, 79-105

Designing ligands to achieve robust oxidation catalysts. Iron based systems Bartos MJ, Gordon-Wylie SW, Fox BG, Wright LJ, Weintraub ST, Kauffmann KE, Munck E, Kostka KL, Uffelman ES, Rickard CEF, Noon KR, Collins TJ Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 1998,  174: 361-390.

Electron-transfer oxidation by phase-separating reagents  Patterson RE, Gordon-Wylie SW, Woomer CG, Norman RE, Weintraub ST, Horwitz CP, Collins TJ  Inorganic Chemistry, 1998, 37: 4748-4750.

Ligand design approach for securing robust oxidation catalysts.  Horwitz CP, Fooksman DR, Vuocolo LD, Gordon-Wylie SW, Cox NJ, Collins TJ  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 1998,  120: 4867-4868

A method for driving O-atom transfer: Secondary ion binding to a tetraamide macrocyclic ligand.  Miller CG, Gordon-Wylie SW, Horwitz CP, Strazisar SA, Peraino DK, Clark GR, Weintraub ST, Collins TJ.  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 1998, 120: 11540-11541.

Supramolecular Chemistry

Exploring H-Bonded Structures: Synthesis and X-ray Crystallographic Screening of a Mini-Library of Cisoid Amide Containing Cyclic Dipeptides.
Gordon-Wylie SW, Teplin E, Trombley MI, McCarthy SM, Morris JC, Cleaver W, Clark GR. Crystal Growth and Design, 2004,
 4: 789-797.

A Parametric Approach to Predicting Two Dimensional Crystal Structures. Gordon-Wylie SW and Clark GR.  Crystal Growth and Design, 2003, 3: 453-465.

Magnetic Materials

Toward magnetic building blocks: Synthesis of a planar Co(III)-cation radical-cobalt(III) complex of the binucleating ligand 1,2,4,5-tetrakis(2-hydroxy-2-methylpropanamido)benzene.  Gordon-Wylie SW, Blanton WB, Claus BL, Horwitz CP, Collins TJ. Inorganic Synthesis, 2002, 33: 1 - 10

New magnetically coupled bimetallic complexes as potential building blocks for magnetic materials.  Gordon-Wylie SW, Claus BL, Horwitz CP, Leychkis Y, Workman JM, Marzec AJ, Clark GR, Rickard CEF, Conklin BJ, Sellers S, Yee GT, Collins TJ.  Chemistry- A European Journal, 1998, 4: 2173-2181.