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Green Technologies, LLC has it's roots as a Vermont based biodiesel manufacturing company.
From 2005-2012 Green Tech Biofuels manufactured 25,000 gals/yr of biodiesel from used vegetable oil.
By mid 2012 it became clear that Green Tech was too small to be competitive for commodities based manufacturing,
particularly in light of ongoing volatility in the petroleum and soy oil markets.
The decision was made to cease biodiesel production in Dec 2012 and begin a new journey.
Using just the core of the original company as a seed, Green Tech Laboratories was started in the Spring of 2013.
Staying true to our roots, Green Tech Labs offers R&D and consulting services in
new product development and small scale American based manufacturing.
We are more than just an analytical lab.
We know what it's like to be a small scale manufacturer, we've lived it.
We are here to help; solve that chemical problem, lend insight into what's next, be a high level technical sounding board,
get that proof of concept, build that prototype, solve that process control problem, develop that new product

Our logo is derived from the alchemical symbols for:

earth and laboratory.

It embodies the entire concept of the company- a chemical laboratory or manufacturing plant that works in harmony with the earth- not against it.

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